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It all comes down to this; A DJ at the console cranking up the sound-system with tunes that make a dance-floor fulfill its purpose.


Meet Pearl. She’s just doing what she was born to do. This mutual destiny began a decade ago and if you listen closely, the tunes tell a story that’s still unfurling. Growing up surrounded by melodies, around vinyl-collecting parents, her prologue began as a search for that perfect synergy of music and atmosphere. Clubbing across the globe, forever in search of new tunes, a deep passion was born for a genre that proved to be definitive for Pearl – House music.


To try and breakdown her sound is futile, because she is always one-step ahead of the definition. Her authoritative style has evolved from sheer, unforgiving hard work over a period of time when little support for this profession existed. Since the beginning, it was, and always has been just her and the music – just the way she likes it. Always playing the freshest sounds, her innate sense of timing and almost, psychic ability to read crowds has pushed Pearl beyond stereotypes.

Pearl has pioneered the cause of house music across the Indian subcontinent. This commitment to EDM led her to be one of the co-founders of ‘Submerge’, India’s premiere electronic music party which serves as a platform for upcoming DJs in the country and also responsible for bringing down some of the world’s finest talent.


Now in the process of donning a producer’s cap, there is no stopping Pearl. Ten years and counting, with cities spanned and thousands of people dancing – there is one constant. For Pearl, it will always be about the music.



Friday, 23rd November