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Vir Das' Alien Chutney

 If you think that ‘Two Steps Behind’ is a song written by a Delhi stalker or that ‘Love The Way You’ lie is a song that should be dedicated to A. Raja OR if you think that Coldplay’s 'Yellow’ is actually about Chinese people, then boy oh boy, are you going to enjoy this. Comedy Rock is a fantastic fusion of comedy as music. Think of it as the by-product of one night stand between a punch line and a chord. Think of it as the illegitimate spawn of a joke and a melody. Think of it as something that makes you laugh as well as hum. 


Alien Chutney, India’s premiere comedy-rock band consists of Vir Das, Sidd Coutto (Tough On Tobacco, Zero), Warren Mendonsa (Zero) and Kaizad Gherda. Punch lines meets riffs as music gets funny with the band’s original compositions on a range of subjects, from the difference between Delhi and Bombay girls, a blues song about village men, a punk song about funkalicious pakodas, parsi love songs, tributes to himesh, death metal songs, pop songs, fusion jazz tracks call jezzy jezzy, to (bear with us here) the key to good love with your sabziwalli. If the songs don’t crack you up (and they will), the band’s constant interaction with the crowd, and among themselves, definitely will. As an act, Alien Chutney is edgy, catchy, raunchy, and above all, it’s pure entertainment. Pritam once tried to copy one of Alien Chutney’s song but he failed because such awesomeness cannot be duplicated.


Alien Chutney, currently producing their own album, have performed to sold out shows across several venues in the country. In a country with many comedians and many bands, this is something that stands out. In summation, Alien Chutney, while awesome on paper, is an evening that needs to be experienced. They promise to send you back home, humming about your village man instincts, riffing about delhi girls, or crooning about your saabzi walli. Which might not be good thing, but hey, on the upside, you might just yourself a discount on onions. Who knows?



Wednesday, 21st November